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Thank you for your interest in representing your heritage and clan at the Elizabeth Celtic Festival at Casey Jones Park in Elizabeth, CO. Previously all the info was on papers and mailed out. That information is now listed below and the application and payment method has been converted to online. Please read the information below, submit your application, and then your payment. A Paypal account is NOT REQUIRED as they will process without one. If you need any help with this website, please email If you have any questions regarding participation at the festival, please email

Clan Info:

Clan Space Fee: $30 for a 10′ x 10′ space ($60 for a 20′ x 10′ space). Clans may choose to come only one day or both days– the fee is the same either way. Each clan will receive 4 tickets & a parking pass for each day.

Clan Expectations: Each clan or Celtic organization must be self-contained. Please bring your own tents, tables, chairs, and ice. The Festival is providing only the space for your tent.

Smoking Restrictions. You are welcome to smoke in your car or at our designated smoking area by the baseball diamond, as directed by the Elizabeth Fire Marshall. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation. 

Friday Check-in & Set-up (Recommended): Clan check-in starts at 1 pm, but you are always welcome earlier if you could lend a hand with general Festival set-up. On Friday, after you check-in with Festival staff, you can drive your car directly to your location to off-load and set-up.

Saturday Morning Check-in & Set-up: If you check-in for the first time on Saturday, it is best to arrive as early as you can. Insurance requires that “no vehicles are on grounds when the number of pedestrians increases”, but we will try to get you as close as safely possible to drop off your materials. By 8:30 am ALL CARS must be off grounds, so we recommend dropping off ALL your stuff, move your car, and THEN setting up.

Official Festival Hours: On Saturday, gates open to the public at 9:00 am. We may extend the Saturday activities into the evening because the evening is cooler and historically we’ve had a lot of people arrive late Saturday afternoon. Therefore, we will ask that clans wait until 5:00 pm before closing up their tents. We invite you to stay later but understand that you want to save some energy for Sunday. Please note that no cars are allowed on the grounds again until Sunday afternoon. Please secure your tents and belongings to your satisfaction before leaving Saturday evening. While we haven’t had any trouble, the Elizabeth Celtic Festival Committee cannot provide total security for your belongings. On Sunday, gates open to the public at 9:00 am and close at 4:00 pm.

Take-down on Sunday: Everyone is anxious to go home on Sunday afternoon, but please don’t pack up until the duty pipe band marches down Clan Row at around 4:00 pm. Cars will be able to enter the clan area until after 4:30 pm.

Vehicle Parking: We seek everyone’s cooperation in parking “out in the boonies,” to save the up-close parking for the paying public. If this doesn’t work for you, because you can’t walk that far, please let us know, and we’ll try to have a golf cart meet you. If that doesn’t work (and you don’t see a golf cart), then park where your conscience and the conditions permit.

Dogs: All clans bringing in Dogs of the British Isles that are not part of an animal booth must register their pets by filling out the Animal Application form and waiver. See the website for Animal Form (click here), and submit it with your application. You will need to pick up a ribbon for your dog to wear, showing that it is registered. We will be enforcing the “Dog must have ribbon” rule. Barking or aggressive dogs may need to be taken home, again for liability reasons.

Clan Activities & Events: Early Afternoon Clan Parade (both days) involving those clans that can spare someone to march with a clan flag or banner, behind a pipe band, which will end-up at Clan Row. Meet at the Front Gate at 12:40 pm, march at 12:50 pm. The purpose of this Clan Parade is to bring attention (and hopefully people) to Clan Row, as well as provide some pageantry in the early afternoon. It does get hot in July, so there won’t be a ceremony or announcements. Bonny Knees Contest at Clan Row will be at 1:00 pm. This is meant to be fun and family-oriented. You’re encouraged to participate. Saturday Evening “Calling of the Clans” will meet at 8:30 pm. This clan family gathering gives up all the opportunity to share stories and goodwill. All welcome. Sunday Morning “Kirkin’ of the Tartans” Procession forms at the Front Gate at 9:00 am and marches to the Dublin Stage. This religious service should last approximately a half hour. The award for “Best Clan Tent” will be awarded Sunday afternoon. A panel of Judges will select a clan-based on welcoming interaction with spectators.

Camping info can be found at this link. Please click here.
Dogs of the British Isles info can be found at this link. Please click here.
Sponsorship info can be found at this link. Please click here.


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