Dogs Exception Request

Animals Info

All Individuals bringing in dogs that are not part of an animal booth, show or event, including Clan members, Vendors, Festival Participants, Volunteers, etc. must fill out this form to request an exception to the dog ban. Without this exception being approved, the animal will not be allowed on the grounds. Any animal not behaving up to the festival’s expectations, any handler not abiding by the expectations outlined in the exception application below will have to remove the animal from the grounds without any refund. Please understand that the bluntness comes from the desire to be clear where dogs are concerned. We as an organization simply wish to make sure that everyone’s safety and property are respected in order to have an enjoyable weekend for as many as possible.

The Elizabeth Celtic Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse any application. If your dog is at all aggressive (growls, barks, seeks to confront other dogs), you will be asked (told) to take your dog home. Dogs must be under control (that is, on a leash) at all times. If you need to walk your dog, please do it in a “non-public area,” since the public (spectators) are not allowed to bring dogs to the festival. Make sure that your dog is in the shade and has plenty of water. Replenishment water is available at the park. Where booths are concerned, please pick up your small dogs before entering and keep larger dogs out of the booths. Our furry angels are always sweet in our own eyes but the festival is full of new things and this requirement is to prevent damage to clan displays, and sellers’ displays and wares. If the animal still causes damage to another’s property, it is the handler’s responsibility to clean up after the animal and to pay for any damages. The festival will not be held liable for your animal.

Any animal exceptions that are granted are required to check in with Bunni upon arrival to get their ribbon which must be worn all weekend. If a replacement is needed, please see Bunni.