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We are currently full for 2019 Food Vendors.

Please come back to the festival website, we would like to start early for 2020.

Please try registering early for next year!

Thank you for your interest in selling your food and drinks at the Elizabeth Celtic Festival at Casey Jones Park in Elizabeth, CO. Previously all the info was on papers and mailed out. That information is now listed below and the application and payment method has been converted to online. Please read the information below, submit your application, and then your payment. A Paypal account is NOT REQUIRED as they will process without one. If you need any help with this website, please email If you have any questions regarding participation at the festival, please email

Food Vendor Info:

Application:  All applications must be postmarked by June 15th.  Accepted applicants will be notified within two weeks (or less) of receiving applications.  Applications not accepted will be returned along with payment. The Elizabeth Celtic Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse any application.  If you do not receive a confirmation email stating we have received your application, by July 1, please email us at

Fees/Refunds:  See application for fees.

REQUIRED Vendor Deposit: As of January 1, 2019, we are experimenting with the deposit and have decreased it to $50 where it will stay as long as vendors continue to make sure they meet the refund requirements.

The deposit can be paid via either separate Paypal transaction or separate check, to be returned to you when your space is left in a reasonably clean condition. This deposit will be forfeited if the vendor leaves before the end of the Festival, or closes before Vendor Closing Time either day.

No refunds will be granted once your application is accepted.

Time Commitment:  Vendors are required to stay open until 5:00 pm on Saturday and 4:00 pm on Sunday,.  You are welcome to stay open longer.  

We strongly discourage vehicles on grounds Saturday evening in an effort to ensure greater security, and to avoid possible pedestrian issues. Please let us know in advance if you will need to pull in on to restock.  On Sunday vehicles may enter the grounds to load once it is safe to do so, but not before 4:30 pm per insurance requirements.

Booth Requirements:  Remember to bring everything you need.  You must provide your own tent(s) or approved coverings, serving tables, etcetera.  Make sure that you can deal with heat or wind or any weather…you’re outside…and conditions can change in a hurry.  Tents must be securely staked to the ground or be weighed down. Please be aware that we occasionally have powerful wind gusts in the park, so be prepared. You must secure your tent and belongings to your own satisfaction: the Festival committee is not responsible for any loses.  If you have questions concerning requirements, please contact us PRIOR TO festival time.

Electricity:  Electricity is available for some food vendors requiring refrigeration.  If you need anything more than that, we will need to know both voltage and how many amps you pull before guaranteeing that we can meet your needs.  If you are using park electricity you MUST confirm your usage with us before you leave grounds on Friday to make sure that your electrical use does not interfere with other Festival needs. This is critical: If you leave grounds without a board member’s confirmation and there is a problem, we reserve the right to unplug your rig, and we will not be responsible for spoiled food.  Generators are expressly prohibited at this event.

Since we feature live music, we ask that you do not broadcast music at your booth/tent.

Pets: Non-certified service dogs are strictly prohibited!  However, we host “Dogs of the British Isles” with special permission.  You may contact our Dog/Animal Coordinator at if you believe your animal may qualify, and their immunization records are current. The application can be found here (click).

Smoking Restrictions. You are welcome to smoke in your car or at our designated smoking area by the baseball diamond, as directed by the Elizabeth Fire Marshall. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation. 

Check-in & Set-up Times:  We recommend that you check-in and set-up on Friday afternoon from noon to 9:00 pm.  Check-in Saturday morning begins at 7 am, however, all vehicles must be off the grounds by 8:30 am per insurance requirements.  Please off-load and move your vehicle off grounds as quickly as possible, regardless of your chosen check-in window, so we can avoid blockage and congestion on Vendor Row.  

Check-in Location:  The main entrance to Casey Jones Park (off Hwy. 86 and next to the Pavilion Building) is the access point for all exhibitors who arrive within off-load time periods.  This entrance is closed to all non-emergency traffic after 8:30 am on Saturday until closing on Sunday.

Check-In Procedures:  You will be greeted at the Hwy. 86 entrance during off-load times by a cheerful volunteer, who will have your check-in packet.  You must check-in with a Festival staff member before off-loading at your site. Your check-in packet will contain 4 wristbands for each day and 1 parking pass.  Addition wristbands can be purchased at the Front Gate.  You will need to pay the regular parking fee for additional vehicles.

Late Check-in:   If you are running late, you will be asked to proceed directly to the Main Parking Lot off County Road 17.  You will need to find the Vendor coordinator (probably in Vendor Row) before setting up your booth or off-loading any of your supplies.  Our insurance coverage requires “pedestrians only” 30 minutes prior to the Festival start time, so your vehicle cannot be allowed on grounds after 8:30 am either Sat. or Sun. morning.  

Check-Out:  Please leave your site and near vicinity as clean or even better than it was when you arrived.  Thanks!

Parking:  All vehicles and trailers not required for food preparation must be parked off grounds during the Festival.  As soon as you off-load, we ask that you move your vehicle off grounds as soon as possible. For your convenience, the Main Gate (pedestrian entrance) is open for access to Main Parking Friday evening before 9 pm, and Saturday morning before 8:30 am.  Outside of those times, you will need to exit the park using the Hwy. 86 entrance. You will then drive west to County Road 17, and travel north on 17 for a short distance to the Main Parking entrance. Please park in “the west 40” near County Road 17, so spectators can enjoy a shorter walk because happy spectators are more likely to stay longer and shop more 🙂

Legal Responsibilities:  The Elizabeth Celtic Festival assumes no responsibility for any losses, damages or injuries.  Each vendor must secure their belongings and merchandise to their satisfaction. The Elizabeth Celtic Festival makes no warranties, either implied or expressed, regarding numbers of spectators or other conditions of selling, and each vendor participates at their own risk.  All vendors must comply with state tax remittance regulations. Our location just outside the Elizabeth city limits excludes us from local remittance. All food vendors must comply with health regulations, as overseen by the Elbert County Health Department. Appropriate forms will be sent via email for you to return to us before June 15th.

Questions?:  Please visit our website for additional information or email the festival directly at



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