Vendors (formerly Merchandise Vendors)

Thank you for your interest in selling your handmade goods at the Elizabeth Celtic Festival at Casey Jones Park in Elizabeth, CO. Please read the information below and then submit your application. Our Vendor Coordinator will contact you after reviewing your application at which point you will either be sent an invoice from Paypal or given the needed information to send your check. A Paypal account is NOT REQUIRED as they will process without one. If you need any help with this website, please email If you have any questions regarding participation at the festival, please email

(Merchandise) Vendor Info:

Event Dates:  Sat. & Sun., July 20 & 21, 2024 (always “The Third FULL Weekend of July”)

Festival Location:  Casey Jones Park, 4189 Highway 86, Elizabeth, CO

We are located on the far east side of town.

Application: Applicants are subject to a review process, but will be notified of acceptance or denial within 2 weeks of application. If you are accepted, you will receive two invoices via email: one for the booth fee and one for the refundable deposit fee. The Elizabeth Celtic Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse any application. If you do not receive a confirmation or denial email within 2 weeks of application, please email us at

Artisan, Merchant, or Vendor?:  

  • Artisans are those displaying and selling items which are 100% handcrafted by the seller in relatively small quantities. This includes paintings, pottery, glass, woodcarving, weavings, and so on.  Each item is typically unique or one-of-a-kindIf you are selling jewelry and want to be considered for an artisan booth, please email us before submitting your application to see if you qualify. Otherwise, most jewelry will be classified as merchants, If you have questions, please contact
  • Merchants are those displaying and selling both handcrafted and non-handcrafted items. This includes new items crafted from manufactured products and those that are upcycled from pre-existing manufactured materials. 
  • Vendors are those displaying and selling items made by others, purchased wholesale, or produced in a facility with several employees. If you are selling any food in your booth, please email

In order to avoid oversaturation of certain products, preference will be given to early applicants of popular items. 

If you have questions about which category suits your wares, please email us at, and we will be happy to help.

Fees/Refunds: See the application for fees. Fees and deposits may be paid via PayPal or check.

Deposit: In addition to the booth fee, a deposit of $50 is required. The deposit is returned to you Sunday afternoon after you load and clean your area. Deposits made by check are not processed unless the deposit is forfeited; the original check will be returned to you or marked void. Deposits made by PayPal will be refunded to the payment account within 48 hours of the end of the festival. 

Deposits are forfeited for any of the following:

  • You revoke your commitment to attend after July 1
  • You do not leave your booth area in an acceptable state 
  • You close your booth before closing time either day 

A no-show without explanation forfeits the entire booth fee and the deposit.

Time Commitment:  Vendors are expected to stay both days. Special exceptions can be made for single days, if requested in advance, however, the fee will remain the same. Vendors staying a single day will be placed at the end of a row to avoid leaving a conspicuous gap. 

Vendors are required to stay open until 5:00 pm on Saturday and 4:00 pm on Sunday.  You are welcome to stay open longer. 

In the event of dangerously inclement weather (impending hail, tornado, etc.), the Vendor Coordinator will decide if early closure is necessary and let you know.

No vehicles are allowed on grounds Saturday evening in an effort to ensure greater security and avoid possible pedestrian issues. On Sunday, vehicles may enter the grounds to load, but not before 4:30 pm per insurance requirements. Contact the Vendor Coordinator if you have questions.

Booth Requirements:

  • Bring everything you need for an outdoor festival. You must provide your own tent(s), tables, chairs, and a sign or banner advertising your wares. Be prepared for Colorado in July…it can be 101° with blazing sun or 50° with wind, rain, and hail (and perhaps all of it in a single day!). Each tent must be securely staked to the ground or be weighed down. You must secure your belongings to your own satisfaction. The Festival Committee is not responsible for any losses. 
  • It is highly recommended to carry your own insurance for yourself and your wares. 
  • Restrictions on goods sold and booth display: 
    • Allowed animal products include antlers, horns, prepared leather, and sheared wool. The Festival reserves the right to restrict sales or presentation of items deemed inappropriate for a family event.
    • No items with slogans, images, or names that could be considered politically charged or blatantly offensive are permitted.
  • If you have questions concerning requirements, please contact us PRIOR TO festival time.

Electricity: There is no electricity available for merchants, and generators are forbidden at this festival due to the sound. Because we have ongoing music and dance competitions, please do not broadcast any music at your booth.

Pets: Non-certified service dogs are strictly prohibited unless you receive a pre-approved exception. If you are an overnight registered participant via Clans, Artisans/Merchandise Merchants/Vendors, Living History, Animals of the British Isles, or are a registered Committee Volunteer and wish to discuss an exception, please email Exceptions will be handled by 72 hours prior to the first day of the festival as our volunteers will be busy on grounds and unavailable to process exceptions. Without an exception, please understand that your animal will not be allowed.

Smoking Restrictions. You are welcome to smoke in your car or at our designated smoking area by the baseball diamond, as directed by the Elizabeth Fire Marshall. Please note that Elbert County is frequently under strict fire bans in the summer. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

Check-in & Set-up Times: We highly recommend that you check in and set up on Friday. Volunteers are available to guide you to your assigned booth location between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Check-in on Saturday morning begins at 7:00 am, however, all vehicles must be off the grounds by 8:30 am per insurance requirements.

Check-in Location: The main entrance to Casey Jones Park (off Hwy. 86 and next to the Pavilion Building) is the Loading Gate access point for all exhibitors who arrive within off-load time periods. This entrance is closed to all non-emergency traffic from 8:30 am on Saturday until closing time on Sunday.

Check-In Procedures: You will be greeted at the Hwy. 86 Loading Gate entrance during Check-In times by a cheerful volunteer, who will have your check-in packet. You must check in with a Festival volunteer before driving up to your site to off-load.

You will receive 2 entry wristbands for each day and 1 parking pass. Additional wristbands can be purchased at the Front Gate. You will need to pay the regular parking fee for additional vehicles. Once you have off-loaded, park your vehicle in the Main Parking Lot off County Road 17 (see Parking). Please off-load and move your vehicle off-grounds as quickly as possible so we can avoid congestion on the grounds.

If you are interested in camping overnight during the festival, contact

Late Check-in: If you are running late, you will be asked to proceed directly to the Main Parking Lot off County Road 17.  You will need to find the Merchant Coordinator before setting up your booth or off-loading any of your supplies.  Our insurance coverage requires pedestrians only 30 minutes prior to the Festival start time, so your vehicle cannot be allowed on grounds after 8:30 am either Sat. or Sun. morning.  

Check-Out:  Please leave your site and near vicinity as clean or even better than it was when you arrived.  Thanks!

Parking: All Vendor vehicles or trailers must be parked off-grounds during the Festival unless you sell directly out of your vehicle. If your vehicle is used as shop space, you must pay for the amount of space it occupies. As soon as you off-load, we ask that you move your vehicle off grounds as soon as possible. For your convenience, the Main Gate (pedestrian entrance) is open for access to Main Parking Friday evening before 9 pm, and Saturday morning before 8:30 am. Outside of those times, you will need to exit the park using the Hwy. 86 entrance. You will then drive west to County Road 17, and travel north on 17 for a short distance to the Main Parking entrance. Please park in “the west 40” near County Road 17, so spectators can enjoy a shorter walk because happy spectators are more likely to stay longer and shop more 🙂

Legal Responsibilities: The Elizabeth Celtic Festival assumes no responsibility for any losses, damages, or injuries. Please secure your belongings and merchandise to your satisfaction. The Festival makes no warranties, either implied or expressed, regarding the numbers of spectators or other conditions of selling, and each vendor participates at their own risk. All vendors must comply with state tax remittance regulations. You should have a Colorado Tax ID or Special Event License. Our location just outside the Elizabeth city limits excludes us from local remittance.

Security: The festival does not provide official security. However, as a small town, we have not experienced any problems. The local law enforcement is aware and helps keep an eye on our festival. You will see them on-site during the event. Friday and Saturday night the Scottish Clans and other people are on site or nearby and are vigilant for problems. Some Festival committee members will also be staying in the upper campground. Merchandise left in your booth overnight has been the norm and we haven’t had any problems. We do ask that you don’t leave cash or other items of extreme value overnight.

Questions?:  Please visit our website for additional information, or email the festival directly at