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Thank you for your interest in competing at the Elizabeth Celtic Festival Highland Dance Competition at Casey Jones Park in Elizabeth, CO. Previously all the info was on papers and mailed out. That information is now listed below and the application and payment method has been converted to online. Please read the information below, submit your application (towards the bottom of page), and then your payment (below the application). A Paypal account is NOT REQUIRED as they will process without one. If you need any help with this website, please email If you have any questions regarding participation at the festival, please email

Highland Dance Competition Events:

*Special Trophy Fling: “Beginner All Ages” & “Novice All Ages”: 1st place award is a trophy, with 2nd through 6th places medals/ ribbons (if warranted). This dance does not count towards the class trophy; however, dancers can earn a stamp for their card if they haven’t already earned one for the weekend.

**Choreographies: all choreographies: dance must be Celtic in theme, using movements from Highland and National dances, Jig, Hornpipe or Cakewalk with allowances for individual interpretation & variation. A limited influence from other dance forms such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet or step dances may be incorporated. The costume must follow the theme & content of the dance.

  • Solo Choreos should not last longer than 1 minute, 30 seconds, including entrances & exits. Duet & Group choreographies time length are noted below.
  • Music must follow the theme of the dance & be without vocals. Please provide a CD, Flash drive or iPod/MP3, or you may also dance to a live piper/musician.
  • Props may be used for Solo choreographies, but no live animals may be Swords are the only props to be used for the Duet & Group Choreographies (& again, no live animals may be used.)
  • Intermediates may dance in either the Pre-Premier category or in the Premier category in any or all of the 3 choreography
  • No stamps will be awarded & Choreographies do not count toward the class
  • Please list the name(s) of the other dancer(s) in your duet or group on your entry
  • FEE: $5 per dancer per dance

Regarding the Choreographed Double Sword: this is the Sword Dance with 2 dancers dancing over the same sword. Emphasis should be placed on teamwork & how well the dancers dance together. The choreography should not be longer than 2 min. 30 secs for Pre- Premiers, or 3 min. 15 secs for Premiers, including entrances & exits, & should be of the same timing & tempo as a Traditional Sword Dance. Dancers may wear their normal kilt outfit or a similar costume.

Regarding the Choreographed Broadsword: Choreography rules as per the Double Sword, but must be a group of at least 3 dancers, & the music should be comprised of Strathspeys, Reels &/or Marches. Swords must be involved for the majority of the dance. The time length including entrances & exits, should not last longer than 4 min. Teamwork is important!!

Competition Rules:

  1. This competition will be conducted in accordance with S.O.B.H.D.
  2. The decisions of the Adjudicator are final. Any attempt to talk to the judge during the competition by the dancer or parent(s) may lead to disqualification of that dancer.
  3. Highland dress will be worn in accordance with S.O.B.H.D. rules. Dancers must be in full costume to receive awards.
  4. All dancers must have a valid (current, with a 2019 sticker on it!) FUSTA/ScotDance/S.O.B.H.D. registration card. No entry will be accepted without a current registration number. All dancers must present their Registration Card the day of the competition in order to compete.
  5. Entry Deadline: All entries must be received by Saturday, July 14, 2019. Entries are LATE if received after July 14, 2019, & will be subject to a late charge of $10.00 (& the dancer’s name will not be listed on the Results Form!)
  6. The “Competitor Check-In” table will be to the left of the Festival Main Gate. Dancers’ gate passes (wrist bands) will be available at that table only during the competition registration times of 9:15 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. & 12:15 pm to 12.45pm. Tickets for family &/or friends may be picked up at the same table during those times or will be left at the Festival “Will-Call” table only by pre-arrangement (let Shari know that your guests will be coming in at a time other than the registration).

* NO parents or family members will be allowed in the Main Gate without a ticket. It is recommended that the discounted Dancer Family & Friends tickets be purchased with the dancer entry, but they may also be purchased at the Competitor Check-In table during the Registration times (at the same discount, but please pay with cash or check only, no credit cards). Please help support the Highland Dance Competition by purchasing your extra tickets with the dance entries. We want to show the Festival that the Highland Dance Competition does bring in spectators!

  1. Dancers not in the marshaling area when their class is called to dance will forfeit that dance.
  2. Age groupings will be determined by the number of entries received. Ages will be computed as age on the day of competition. Dancers will compete in reverse order of entry (i.e., “First to Enter, Last to Dance”); the last dancer(s) to enter (register) in each class/age group will be first to dance in that class/age group &, if competing in the Strathspey & Highland Reel, will also be expected to fill in for later sets, as needed.
  3. Petitions should be filed to the dance chairman no later than 15 minutes after the end of the awards ceremonies. The petition should be in writing and be accompanied by a $25 fee that will be refunded if the petition is warranted.
  4. Entry Fees:
    • Primary: $24.00 for 1 day (or $6.00 per dance – whichever is less), or $40 for both days.
    • Beginners: $40.00 (or $8.00 per dance – whichever is less)
    • Novice, Intermediate & Premiers: $40.00
    • All Choreographies: $5.00 per dance (per dancer) (FUSTA receives $5 from every dancer entry to support the USIR in Denver 2020!)
  1. Ticket Sale for Highland Dancers’ Family & Friends:

Payment must be received by Saturday, July 14, 2019. Please see the above note about tickets.

Pre-ordered tickets:  $8 Adults (per day)          $4 Teens (ages 13-17) & Seniors (65+) (per day)       Kids 12 & Under Free

Price at the Festival Main Gate:   1-Day Ticket……………………………………..$10 Adults / $5 Teens & Seniors

Please note: Parking is $3.00 per car — just pay the Attendant when you arrive

  1. Prizes & Trophies: Awards will be presented at the end of competition session (Primary awards will be awarded at the completion of the Primary competition each day). Medals will be awarded to 3rd place in all classes (if warranted). There will be no trophies awarded at the Primary level. Class trophies will be based on all dances in that session, excluding the Special Trophy Fling & the Choreographies.
  2. Dances will be danced in the order shown on the entry form unless otherwise announced on the day of the competition.


Submit the form above by clicking on the blue ‘submit’ button within the form box BEFORE continuing to the Paypal button below.

Thank you!

Paypal Payment Option:

This is where you can submit the purchase of your entry fees and advance purchase tickets. When you add the first item to the cart a new tab will open in your internet browser. You can then switch between the two tabs to continue adding all of the items from the list which apply to you. If you need help, please feel free to email

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Donate a Class Trophy (digital option):

We are asking for donations for Class Trophies ($50) & Medals ($25 per dance per class). All donors will have their names listed in the Elizabeth Celtic Festival Highland Dancing program. Trophy donors have the option of presenting their trophy to the winner. Donors who contribute $100 or more will receive a beautiful plaque.